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Strategic positioning and conception

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." So if you want to achieve your goals, you need a plan. Strategy is the prerequisite for achieving these goals on schedule with the best use of resources. This is exactly what we do when strategically positioning your company or association in public. We create a communication map that leads you to your goal. Strategy is the form of thinking that takes all factors into account during planning and shows the right path. This results in a concept with measurable success criteria as a working basis.

The future of strategy in times of artificial intelligence

In times of exponential progress, increasing digitalisation and social transformation processes, we are facing special challenges. It is not only a matter of identifying and validating the right technologies, but also of rethinking our own working methods and decision-making processes.

So what impact does artificial intelligence (AI) have on strategic communication? Not to address this question would be grossly negligent. New questions and new techniques require new answers. Or as Einstein said: "The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change."

AI has long since become a part of communication and has changed the way messages are created or texts are processed in a lasting way.
We at mfm have been dealing with these questions for quite some time, also within the scope of our focus "Innovation Communication". We have developed our own solution to this problem.

Analysis, strategy, concept, implementation, controlling - all digital 

We combine the best of both worlds: Develop strategy and tactics analogously and implement them with AI.

Because: The algorithms used are only as good as the directional decision or the question that is fed in at the beginning of a communication process. True to the motto, if I digitize a bad process, I don't get a good process, but only a bad digital process. 

If I have not defined any goals and developed any strategy at the beginning of the communication, even the best algorithm will not help me.

So the basis remains with us the strategic public relations, but it is (also) implemented with AI. The same applies to ongoing communication controlling and the measurement of success criteria. Both are AI-based with us. We not only have our own programmers at mfm-menschen für medien but also cooperate with AI-based partners. 

Consulting, Implementation, Controlling, Measurement 

We are the navigator through digital communication. With us you have a permanent contact person at your side. Our consulting services include the definition of the joint communication strategy, the creation of the concept, the implementation, the necessary control and, if required, training. Our communication consulting takes place continuously in structured customer meetings, in which communicative action and solution options are offered or jointly developed on the basis of the concept.

If you want your messages to be heard, you need to know to whom they are addressed. We put the right messages into the right (digital) channels for you, at the right time to the right target group. We successfully implement the jointly developed strategic communication concept and coordinate the processes and monitor the impact. your goals. We let ourselves be measured by them.
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